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Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions contained in this document, as these provisions regulate the service of this website (hereinafter the “page” or the “web”) that La Abeja Inversiones SL , hereinafter La Abeja Inversiones SL SL SL makes available to users and, therefore, governing the recruitment policy and general conditions of use of this company. We recommend that you read this document regularly as the terms of use of this website may change. However, certain users or services are subject to special conditions that replace, complete or modify the terms and conditions set forth herein and about which the user will be informed independently and must accept before completing the provision of the service. Throughout this site, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “Bee Products” refer to La Abeja Inversiones SL and any of its affiliates, if any, and are used as appropriate in the context. La Abeja Inversiones SL with registered office at Calle Campo, 64, Pedro Muñoz, 13620, Ciudad Real and C.I.F. number B42955831, is registered in the Mercantile Registry. Email: hola@beeproducts.es . Access to the website is free of charge except for the cost of the generalized connection to the Internet. The use of the website attributes the condition of user of the page (hereinafter, the ‘User’) and implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Notice. The provision of the web service is limited to the time when the user is connected to the page or any of the services provided through it.


Any material or personal data sent to the website of La Abeja Inversiones SL is covered by the privacy policy of the company and the protection of personal data set out in the Privacy Statement found on this website.


All copyrights, web content and other intellectual property rights which, by way of example and not being this a closed catalog: texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or sound content, as well as graphic design and source codes (hereinafter, the “Content”), are the intellectual property of La Abeja Inversiones SL or third parties. Therefore, they are not considered to be transferred and the right to use them is not recognized, except to the extent that they are necessary for the use of the website. These contents incorporated into the website belong to La Abeja Inversiones SL and the use or abuse of these is prohibited unless the website indicates otherwise in specific content.


GENERAL The User agrees to make proper use of the website in accordance with the law, the terms and conditions policy and other notices on the page are generated, responding to La Abeja Inversiones SL and third parties for negligent use and must compensate for damages arising from this. Likewise, the use of the website maliciously, damaging interests, property or rights of other users of La Abeja Inversiones SL or any other third party is expressly prohibited. It is forbidden to carry out activities or acts that may be considered inappropriate or liable to be declared illegal under current legislation. Expressly and by way of information, not being in any way a closed catalog, we mention the following: – Behaviors that violate the privacy policy of the website and the current legislation on data protection. The website has a legal notice on privacy policy that must be complied with in turn by users of the web not being negligent in its use. – Defame or slander individuals, legal entities, employees or the company La Abeja Inversiones SL itself, violating these behaviors the constitutional right to honor, privacy, good name; and any right that under current legislation can be attacked. – Post or transmit unauthorized material that according to the policy of La Abeja Inversiones SL can be understood as inappropriate or that violates the rights of copyright, intellectual property and other users or companies. Likewise, it is expressly forbidden to post or transmit any content that may be considered racist, threatening, pornographic or illegal according to the law. LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES The links on the website of La Abeja Inversiones SL may direct you to other websites of companies other than ours and for which La Abeja Inversiones SL is not responsible for their content, accuracy and performance. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of these pages and the legal and privacy notices of these, since they do not have to be the same, even similar to those of our website. In accordance with the legislation on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, Law 34/2002, of July 12, 2002, establishes that the intermediation service provider shall only be responsible for the services included in this section to the extent that it has knowledge of the contents generated or shared therein. Therefore, the user who enters links on the web must ensure compliance with this document and all that bind and govern La Abeja Inversiones SL without the fact of alleging ignorance can avoid the responsibilities arising from the negligent attitude of the user. CONTENTS The User agrees to use the Contents in accordance with the Law, the present documents, conditions, regulations and instructions that may be applicable and also waives the following terms: – Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available, publicly communicate, transform or modify the Contents except as authorized by law or with express consent. – Reproduce or copy for private use the Contents that may be considered as Software or Database in accordance with the current legislation on intellectual property, data protection, information society services and others that involve the communication and dissemination of the contents of the web. – Extract and/or use the contents of the website of La Abeja Inversiones SL and, expressly and in a merely informative manner without being considered as a closed catalog, all information that can be classified as data. Although we strive to provide and use means to ensure the accuracy, competence and other characteristics that we strive for in our content, we assume no liability whatsoever in the event that the content does not meet these qualities. This is because in some cases this accuracy does not depend on us. Therefore, the responsibility of La Abeja Inversiones SL for orders through our website is limited to the purchase price since the characteristics of the products are in the instructions for use of such products while La Abeja Inversiones SL is limited to the marketing of such products and services. Access to the website does not commit La Abeja Inversiones SL to verify the truthfulness, accuracy, suitability or timeliness of the information provided, since the contents of this page are of a general nature in the terms that the law allows. We also reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate, without prior notice and at any time, access to the website, part or materials. La Abeja Inversiones SL, the web and third party collaborators in the creation, production and distribution are exempt from any liability for direct or incidental, indirect or any other type of damage, nor in terms of costs, losses or liabilities for the change or use of the contents of our website or any other website you access through ours. La Abeja Inversiones SL will not be responsible for updating the content of the site, material and services available. As stated at the beginning of this document, the site, and therefore its material, is subject to change and the company cannot be held responsible for these procedures. Therefore, we recommend that users access the terms of use policy in order to be informed about the new conditions if they have been modified. La Abeja Inversiones SL will not be responsible for the access, use or downloading of materials from the web being such will exclusively of the user and, therefore, of his account and risk not being able to claim responsibilities to La Abeja Inversiones SL for the adverse effects that may arise from these actions. Access to the website does not imply the obligation of La Abeja Inversiones SL to control the absence of viruses or any computer element that may cause damage to the user’s equipment, since the possession of programs and tools to prevent their transmission must be at the user’s expense. Therefore, we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to such equipment or to third parties. DATA COLLECTION Without prejudice to the provisions of the privacy policies accessible from the website in accordance with the data protection law, our website offers certain services for which the completion of personal data is necessary to provide the service. For example, for marketing and shipping of products or for the purpose of maintaining communication channels to manage services. Therefore, we understand as it can not be otherwise that the information that the user fills in the page and through forms generated in this are truthful and we are committed as indicated in our privacy policy and data protection that will be used in accordance with the purpose strictly necessary to provide the service. Likewise, the user shall be responsible for keeping the information updated and to communicate any change in it, being the user himself responsible for any inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information and for the damages caused to him or to third parties as a consequence of this. SERVICE AVAILABILITY The access to the web is conditioned to the access to Internet and communication networks and, therefore, La Abeja Inversiones SL will not be responsible for the damages that happen as consequence of the failure in the service of the connection to Internet or other networks necessary for the access to this web.


CAPACITY By placing an order through the website you are warranting that you have the legal capacity to enter into binding contracts and that you are over 18 years of age. CONTRACTUAL FORMALIZATION The contract will be legally binding and will generate rights and obligations when: – Confirm product purchase – La Abeja Inversiones SL confirmed that we will sell you the product. – We receive the payment of the price and you receive confirmation of the selected products, approximate date of delivery and identification code of your order. If you wish to modify the order after payment has been completed, you must: – Please contact us at the following e-mail address (email) hola@beeproducts.es . We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any product without giving you the reason for our decision. However, a notice will be generated through the ecommerce communication channels informing you that we will not be fulfilling your order. PRICE AND AVAILABILITY If at the moment of receiving the notice of the order we do not have available offer of the concrete product it will be able to inform you of another one with similar characteristics that can be considered as a substitute of this one. However, you may opt out of receiving notifications and product notices in the privacy policy where you do not consent to receive notifications about these types of services. If the product is out of stock but is expected to be replaced in a period of less than 15 days, a notice will be generated informing you of this circumstance and you will be given the possibility to continue with the purchase. In this case, failure to meet the deadlines will be considered an exceptional circumstance and La Abeja Inversiones SL will not be responsible for such delay. However, you may request information about the status of your order at the following e-mail address: hola@beeproducts.es. With respect to the prices of products and services, it is foreseen that prices may change, however, orders already placed will not be affected by such a change. The prices of the products specified on the website include VAT (where applicable), but exclude shipping costs, which will be added to the total amount of the order.


La Abeja Inversiones SL accepts payments, as long as they are available and enabled at check out, with;
  • with VISA and MASTERCARD
  • Bizum
  • The Viabill installment payment system is also available to the user.
  • Paypal
  • Cash on delivery
SUBSCRIPTIONS SUBSCRIBER PROFILE Only customers over 18 years of age may purchase our products in a subscription model. SUBSCRIPTION DESCRIPTION The customer will be able to choose what type of product and how often he/she wants to receive it by choosing the subscription option when purchasing our products before making the payment (For example, 2 CBD oils of 20% every 4 weeks). UNDERWRITING FEE Once the product, quantity and desired periodicity have been chosen, a credit card charge of the agreed amount will be made at the corresponding term. SUBSCRIPTION COST Depending on the quantity and type of product chosen by the customer, the cost of the subscription will be indicated. CANCELLATION OF SUBSCRIPTION The customer can pause or cancel his subscription at any time in the “subscriptions” section of his account or by sending us an email to hola@beeprodutcs.es and our team will manage it for him. If the product has not been shipped or charged when the subscription is paused or cancelled, no additional cost will be charged. If the product has already been shipped and therefore the charge has already been executed, the customer must contact us through the following email hola@beeproducts.es and we will tell you how to proceed with the return of the product. Once we have received it and verified that it is complete and in identical conditions in which it was received without having been opened, we will proceed to the disbursement of the amount after deducting the shipping costs through the same method in which the payment was made. Bee Products does not assume the cost of shipping the product to be returned.


We can deliver to the countries listed in the shipping address on the checkout page. However, for possible deliveries to other locations, please contact La Abeja Inversiones SL at the following e-mail address: hola@beeproducts.es. Upon receipt of your order confirmation, you will be informed of the approximate delivery date. In case it is not in stock but it is foreseen that we will have it soon, we will inform you about this circumstance and if you continue with the purchase the delivery date may vary according to this circumstance. We use Correos Express as our shipping company. According to their procedures, when they are unable to deliver the product either because of a mistake in the address or because at the destination they cannot find anyone to take care of the order, they will leave a note indicating that they have proceeded to make the delivery without success and the contact where you can go to pick up the product or be informed about the time when it will be received again if requested by the user. If the delivery process is delayed due to negligence on the part of the user, an additional charge may be made. On the other hand, we are not responsible for delays or suspension of services due to force majeure, understood as such and without this being a closed catalog: strikes, fires, natural disasters, epidemics, impossibility to use means of transportation or communications or because the law does not allow it. These impeditive periods in which the service cannot be performed shall not be counted as such and the term to comply with the obligation to deliver the good or service shall be extended. CANCELLATION AND REFUND

You may cancel or change your order up to 14 days after delivery of the product, but you must inform us in writing of this circumstance by sending an e-mail to the following address: hola@beeprodutcs.es . The product must be complete and in identical circumstances in which it was received. We will examine the product and if there are indications that it has been used we will not proceed with the return.

  If you cancel the order before delivery we will refund the amount on the card with which you made the payment minus the shipping costs incurred and minus the cost of collecting the product.


Communications with La Abeja Inversiones SL should be made through the following e-mail: holba@beeproducts.es indicating identification data and the reason. And it will be this same means through which the response will be received within three days of receipt of the mail.


This website complies with the terms of the legislation on data protection and you can learn about it in the section of the website called “Privacy Policy”.


This web is aware of the risks and damages of the network and as a consequence controls the contents published in it as far as possible. However, if the user has knowledge of illegal, harmful, violent, contrary to morality or public order, vexatious or similar content and that may undermine the good name of natural or legal persons on our website may be directed through the same or by the following email hola@beeproducts.es.


A recommendation for use/application is indicated on each product. This information is a recommendation provided by the manufacturer and is not intended for the treatment of any specific ailment or for the treatment of any disease. Any information or recommendations on this website should never replace the opinion of a medical professional. If you have any doubts or questions about a pathology or tolerance to any substance, consult your physician. Warning The products sold at Bee Products whether CBD or Hemp are not intended nor should they be substitutes for any medical treatment recommended by a licensed professional. Whenever any product is supplied, it must be under the supervision of a specialist and always under the responsibility of the user. “This merchant agrees not to allow any transaction that is illegal, or is deemed by the credit card brands or acquiring bank, that may or has the potential to damage their goodwill or negatively influence them. The following activities are prohibited under the card brand programs: the sale or offer of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all laws applicable to the Purchaser, Issuing Bank, Merchant, Cardholder, or cards. In addition, the following activities are also explicitly prohibited: -Selling medicines”. Privacy and data protection policy “Privacy and data protection policy of La Abeja Inversiones SL”. La Abeja Inversiones SL respects and takes care of your personal data guaranteeing your rights. If you deal with La Abeja Inversiones SL as a customer, consumer or simply as a member of the general public, you are entitled to the protection of your personal data. This data will refer to: your name, telephone number, e-mail address and date of birth. In this General Privacy and Data Protection Policy of La Abeja Inversiones SL (hereinafter, “this Policy”) we describe what personal data is collected, how and why we collect your personal data, how we manage it, with whom we share it, how we protect it and the decisions regarding the processing that you can exercise over your personal data. This Policy applies to the processing of your personal data within the framework of various services, tools, applications, websites, portals, (online) sales promotions, marketing actions, sponsored social media platforms, etc. in the context of the exercise of our activity consisting of Retail Commerce by mail order or Internet hereinafter “the Activity”. Provided that your personal data is necessary and collected for the exercise of the activity in accordance with the above, it will be communicated through the privacy notices. This Policy applies to all of your personal data collected by La Abeja Inversiones SL and referred to in this Policy, so by accepting this Policy, you agree to our processing of your data in the manner and under the conditions set out below.
Identity of the responsible party La Abeja Inversiones SL
Trade name Bee Products
TAX ID/CIF B42955831
Address Calle Campo, 64, Pedro Muñoz, 13620, Ciudad Real
E-mail (subject “Data Protection”) hola@beeproducts.es
Activity Commercialization, retail or wholesale sale, distribution, import, export of all kinds of movable goods, merchandise and products for use and consumption, either by internet, telephone and/or a physical establishment.
La Abeja Inversiones SL has a data protection contact with the purpose that you can go to this and direct questions or requests related to the policy of our company, privacy notices and the treatment of your personal data. For any questions, requests or complaints related to the application of this Policy or to exercise your rights as described in this Policy, you may contact us at the Data Protection Contact Point: hola@beeproducts.es. To exercise your rights, you must provide a copy of your NIF/ DNI/ CIF to identify yourself.
We value the personal data you have entrusted to us and we undertake to treat them in accordance with the following principles that La Abeja Inversiones SL applies:
  • Lawfulness: We will only collect your Personal Data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, and we will not process your Personal Data in a way that is incompatible with those purposes.
  • Lawfulness: in accordance with Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation, your personal data will be managed provided that you expressly consent to the processing of such data as a form of externalization of your free and informed consent. Your personal data may be necessary to perform a contract, agreement or service to which the data subject is a party, to comply with legal obligations, to protect the vital interests of the data subject and another natural person, to carry out a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller or to meet the legitimate interests pursued by the controller where these do not violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject or the protection of the data subject’s personal data.
  • Loyalty and transparency: in accordance with Article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation as a manifestation of transparency and proof of which is that the data subject is informed of the existence of the processing operation and its purposes.
  • Data minimization: we limit the collection of personal data to what is strictly relevant and necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Purpose limitation: we will only collect your personal data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes, and that we maintain in the way we process it.
  • Accuracy: We will keep your personal information accurate and up to date.
  • Data Security: we apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the appropriate level of security taking into account the risks and nature of the data in order to prevent them from being disclosed or accessed by unauthorized personnel, or from any loss or alteration. In short, any form of unlawful processing.
  • Access and Rectification: the client, consumer or any person who, having given their consent for the collection of data, wishes to request any management of the processing, is recognized and may exercise: the right of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation of processing, portability and not to be subject to individualized decisions. Its exercise shall be free of charge and said request shall be corrected within a period of one month to be extended for another two months in view of exceptional circumstances such as: number of requests, complexity, or others of a similar nature. Point 14 of this document provides information on how to exercise these rights and the means and channels through which we will make your request effective.
  • Principle of limitation of the retention period: the data will be kept for the time necessary and for the purposes of processing without undue delay, and during which, the users’ and customers’ own data will be available to them upon request.
  • International transfers: We do not carry out international transfers of data, but in the event of such transfers, we will ensure that all personal data transferred outside the European Union is adequately protected and in accordance with the laws of the country and the European Union.
  • Third parties: we will ensure that access and transfer of personal data to third parties will be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and with appropriate contractual safeguards.
  • Direct Marketing and cookies: we will ensure compliance with applicable advertising and cookie legislation.
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